We're helping community organizations and local government in using digital tools to create change.

What We Do.

TechTeam, a Student Civic Engagement project of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, seeks to support Chicago area community organizations and state and local government in using digital tools to create change. TechTeam leverages the skills of civic-minded UChicago students of all disciplines to create project teams that support partner organizations in improving technical infrastructure, expanding online presence, refining digital tools, and leveraging data to do what they do, better.


Why We Do It. 

Digital media and online systems are democratizing information and access to resources in a way that has revolutionized how organizations operate and communicate. At TechTeam, we believe that social service organizations shouldn't be the last to get these innovations. By working to build the skill sets of TechTeam members through a robust curriculum of digital strategy and technical skills, the TechTeam program prepares University of Chicago students to meaningfully serve their partner organizations. Diverse project teams work closely with partner organizations over the term to identify and implement digital improvements that will best help them to maximize their impact.


Take Action

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