Executive Board Members

TechTeam 2016-2017


Bess Goodfellow

Bess is the client relations chair on TechTeam's executive board. She will graduate from the University of Chicago in June 2017 with degrees in sociology and economics. Outside of TechTeam, Bess works part time as an analyst at Hyde Park Angels, a venture capital firm, and serves as a research assistant for the Knowledge Lab, where she works on two projects that seek to understand the development of societal knowledge through the use of machine learning techniques. Previously, Bess served on the student board of the Institute of Politics, where she oversaw the student side of their Fellows Program.

Audriana Hull.jpg

Audriana Hull

Audriana is one of the Co-Chairmen of TechTeam's executive board. She is currently a fourth year studying environmental studies and political science. Along with TechTeam, Audriana is also involved in the University of Chicago's Co-ed Club Water Polo team, Spoon University, and Alpha Phi Omega.  


Angela Li

Angela is a third-year Economics and Public Policy major and one of TechTeam’s Outreach Chairs. She worked at Civic Hall Labs this past summer, a nonprofit working to advance technology for the public good. Previously, she has worked with Chicago Public Schools, analyzing data to evaluate school program outcomes. When she’s not doing TechTeam, Angela works as a tour guide for Admissions, plays frisbee for the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, and tries not to spend too much time cooking new recipes.


Julia Oran

Julia, a third-year Computer Science major, is the Program Development Director on TechTeam's executive board. She joined TechTeam as a first year and has loved being involved with the organization! In her free time, Julia enjoys reading, doing yoga, and playing with her dog (pictured) when she's at home. Julia is also passionate about archaeology, especially the intersection of archaeology and computer science! Her favorite food is cheese.

Darius Pool

Darius is a 4th year Political Science and Economics double major and is Co-Chairman and Operations Chair of TechTeam. He is responsible for making sure that all our projects run smoothly and acts as the liaison between the Institute of Politics and TechTeam. Darius has been with TechTeam since Spring 2014. Outside of TechTeam, Darius participates in Midway Ventures and Club Volleyball and works as a research assistant for Professor Nalepa.

Liam Rossman

Liam is a second year in the College majoring in Statistics, Public Policy, Economics and serves on TechBoard as the Junior Operations Chair where he assists in coordinating all logistics and operations for TechTeam. In addition to TechTeam, Liam is invovled with new Americans UChicago and serves as the Data & Evaluations Coordinator for Leadership Programs on the IOP Civic Engagement Committee. Outside of the IOP, he acts as the Assistant Music Director for a student a capella group and as an Outreach Coordinator for a student run peer-to-peer support network.


Gabby Skifstad

Gabby is a third-year Computational and Applied Mathematics major and one of the Outreach Chairs on TechTeam's executive board. Outside of TechTeam, Gabby is heavily involved in the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, is a Resident Assistant for the College, and loves baking and crafts. She especially enjoys making fondant covered cakes and designing laptop cases. In her three years as part of TechTeam, Gabby has contributed to many website development projects in particular, and she has loved every minute of it.


John Veillette

John is a second year in the College majoring in Statistics and is TechTeam's Junior Client Relations Chair. In addition to TechTeam, John currently works at the Computer Science for All Initiative at Chicago Public Schools, which is tasked with scaling up CPS's computer science program to accommodate the district's 400,000 students in order to implement the city's new computer science graduation requirement - the first of its kind for a major city. Previously, he held the Sargent Shriver Fellowship for Leadership in Public Service, in which he was one of twelve students selected to research a Chicago neighborhood and to develop and implement a program, Boost Chicago, to address youth violence within it. He continues to serve as Communications Chair of Boost Chicago post-fellowship.

Annie Xu

Annie is the Junior Program Development Chair on TechTeam's executive board where she helps formulate the fall quarter technical curriculum and leads workshops to develop the technical skills of students in TechTeam. She is a second-year majoring in Statistics and Computer Science and she is also interested in economics and linguistics. Outside of TechTeam, Annie is busy being on the board of Oeconomica (the undergraduate economics research society at UChicago), looking for good restaurants, and being an avid dog-lover.