During the summer of 2013, TechTeam founders Erin Simpson and Olivia Myskowski united around the belief that social and public sector organizations shouldn't be the last to innovate. In January of the following year, the two added tech aficionado Jakub Tucholski to the team, reserved a room at the UChicago Institute of Politics -- and TechTeam was born. Ever since then, TechTeam has been pursuing its goal: bringing together government and community organizations and university students to use digital tools to create change.

Yearly Outline


During the fall quarter, we hold weekly workshops which work to inform members about current trends in tech and social media, as well as prepare them for working with clients in the winter and spring quarters. 


In the winter, we split up into groups to work with various community organizations and government institutions on finding ways to improve their communication with constituents (building websites, social media presence and digital communications).


As spring quarter rolls around, we begin to wrap up our winter projects and work together with our organizations to tie up any loose ends. We also enjoy the (sometimes) nice weather.