These teams are intended to provide a framework for people of diverse backgrounds to all learn new skills and engage critically with data. They’re not meant to atomize the group in any way — we all have to work closely together. Our meetings, accordingly, will typically go like this:

  1. Whole project stand-up and debrief

  2. Group work time

  3. Weekly workshop or speaker session[1]

We meet from 2-3PM on Saturdays in the IOP (5707 S.Woodlawn).

If any of this sounds interesting to you, our interest form is here.

[1] A note on workshops: we will have them! They are, however, intended to get people excited about CS/technical things and rather than to provide a complete education. There really is no substitute for CS 121. That being said, the projects you work on here shouldn’t look like the projects you do during class any way. We expect everyone to gain some kind of technical skill from this activity, so get comfortable being uncomfortable.