HourVoice is a civically focused for-profit company that helps hourly workers rate their employers, find better ones, and more. While HourVoice already has an app, TechTeam worked on creating a proof of concept for an “Advocate Workbench” app for analytics. Our team collected data about hourly employers from external sources (such as the city of Chicago), disambiguated employers across different databases, and made a visualization platform to see this data. TechTeam also briefly worked on strategies to combat fake users on the HourVoice platform and wrote a short proposal on this topic. 


TechTeam's work can be divided into 3 main parts:

  1. Data Collection & Disambiguation: The collecting and cleaning of data to be easily utilized

  2. Advocate Workbench: Demo of the visualization platform can be found here

  3. Strategies for Fake User Mitigation: Use statistical techniques to detect fake users

Team leader: Rohan Kumar

Team members: Amy Zeng, Zev Chonoles, Andy Walsh, Jessica Gitre, Varun Joshi

Learn more about HourVoice here: http://www.hourvoice.com