Chicago Department of Public Health

This project was a continuation of the work done last year for the Chicago Department of Public Health, which consisted of creating a basic app that would allow Chicago-based medical providers to quickly look up conditions for diseases. The Ionic mobile app framework used for the initial version of the team's app was great as a prototype with basic functionality.

This year, the team focused on rebuilding the app with React Native, which would allow for increase in app support ease and performance. Another large task was redesigning the app, keeping both the CDPH style guide and ideas for improved UI in mind. The app would allow providers to select a disease and find the time frame for reporting, the numbers for who to call, and guidance on whether they need to submit an isolate to the lab. The app, MedReport , will be pushed to the App Store for medical providers to download.

Team Leader: Jiaqi Gao

Team Members:  Adela Deng, Alex Zhao, Angela Fung, Archie Brohn, Jose Arreluce, Melanie Chow, Sara Zhou, Siyu (Lily) Cao, Yena Kim (UI design manager), Yves Shum

Below are screenshots of the app, as well as a video demoing how the app works on a computer simulator (note that pushing the call button would enable a call option to appear when installed on an actual phone).