shalini chandar | board co-chair

fourth-year statistics & economics major. likes burritos, planetariums, dancing (she’s on the bhangra team), paletas (see above photo for evidence), and ABBA. favorite subreddit is r/dataisbeautiful.


annie xu | board co-chair

fourth-year statistics and computer science major. also interested in economics and linguistics. on the board of Oeconomica (the undergraduate economics research society at UChicago). enjoys looking for good restaurants, and being an avid dog-lover.


sammy zucker | operations chair

third-year who is still somehow unsure about what he is majoring in (probably anthro/polisci? maybe?). from NJ, but actually likes it there. loves consumer tech, Pokémon, travel, and good food. 



angela fung | outreach chair

third-year neuroscience major and EALC minor. loves making Spotify playlists, trying new foods, and watching jellyfish. takes the wrong bus to campus about once a week.


nikki kothari | client relations chair

third-year year public policy major and statistics minor. wants to find every cool coffee shop in Chicago. loves chai, mural walks, and puzzles. gets lost in target far too often.


spencer miner | program development chair

fourth-year computational & applied math, and economics major. loves chocolate, technology, learning, and Chicago (particularly its architecture, food, and people)


briana mendoza | portfolio manager

third-year computer science major and EALC minor. a part of ACM-W and Humanities Computing. enjoys anime, video games, music, and dressing up like fictional characters.