briana mendoza | board co-chair

fourth-year east asian languages and civilizations major, media arts and design minor. on the board of ACM-W and working part-time for Humanities Computing. enjoys anime, video games, tech, and dressing up like fictional characters.


jiaqi gao | board co-chair

third year public policy & computer science major. loves rainy weather, cooking, and eating extremely spicy food. she's also really into biking and going on adventures into the wilderness–doing the two together is her favorite activity.


alena kang-landsberg | operations chair

third year econ major. has strong opinions on types of chocolate. wishes for more time to read (highly recommends Walter Moers's books for weird & fun fantasy/adventure). happy to see the ducklings in the pond. 



angela fung | outreach chair

fourth year neuroscience major. still hasn’t adapted to Chicago weather. loves country music, oatmeal raisin cookies, and the live Jelly Cam. you can decide which of those is most controversial. 


rachel wang | client relations chair

third year computer science and economics major. loves 80s music and horror movies. enjoys running (somehow), hiking (even though she lives in Chicago), and generally being outdoors.


ruolin zheng | program development chair

third-year computer science and (possibly?) statistics major. loves indie video games, digital drawing, and geeky tech in general. enjoys trying out unusual food items: avocado tempura, oshizushi ("Osaka style" rectangular shape sushi,) etc. plays all Pokémon games except PokémonGo (but uses it as a pedometer ;)


amanda wong | portfolio manager

fourth-year statistics and art history major. probably thinking about bagels, documentary photography, and/or data privacy.

kevin song | junior operations chair

second-year computer science major with interests in computational social science. loves kimchi-fried rice and cheap skincare routines. these days, trying to travel abroad as much as possible.


cameron lowry | junior program development chair

second-year economics and public policy double major from dallas, TX. loves coffee shops and corgis, but thinks all dogs are very adorable. also likes tech things like coding and data science as well as artsy things like cello and art museums.


deblina mukherjee | thinktank chair

third-year sociology major and computer science and statistics minor. also a public fool with Occam's Razor and co-EiC of the Chicago Shady Dealer. likes long runs to the point, and the nyt crossword.


ellie newman | junior client relations chair

second-year whose potential major changes daily. enjoys running, cooking, and solving the New York Times mini crossword puzzle.


nicholas ornstein | junior client relations chair

third-year neuroscience major with a minor in media, arts & design, and a passion for civic~tech and philosophy~of~mind. from just outside Boston, where the Red Sox rule supreme. loves funk/fusion/jazz, cherry garcia ice cream, and frisbee on the beach in the summertime.


adam rivkin | junior portfolio manager

third-year computer science major and unknown(?) minor. enjoys hiking, reading, crosswords, and exploring Chicago. fan of chocolate.